Building Automation




The main needs are met by the Building Automation automation and centralization of many devices in a building: alarm systems, access control, video surveillance, air conditioning, control of shutters and blinds, lighting, detection systems fires, gas leaks, etc.

C.EL.I Srl designs and manufactures systems for Home & Building Automation and remote control with the ability to follow the work from design to installation. The customer is accompanied into the world of home automation supporting them in their choices and advising on the most appropriate solutions to their needs. C.EL.I. Srl, thanks to its skilled technical personnel and highly qualified, follows the client during the installation and programming of the system, if necessary, lending support to the installer or the user even after the system has booted.
All products are the result of investments in innovation and technological research.
Building automation and home automation are the solution for the integrated management of the buildings, which is a solution consisting of many systems integrated with each other intelligently.
In a system in which you want to implement a solution of Building Automation and Home Automation can coexist, for example, sub-systems such as heating and air conditioning, energy management systems and electric lighting, video surveillance, security, fire, etc.
To be able to control all the various subsystems that make up the system it is necessary to have a system for supervision and control system.
C.EL.I Srl is able to contextualize local or remote supervision systems (web) based on the size of the plant and the characteristics of subsystems can monitor and control every parameter of Regulators in distributed intelligence.

The advantages of a Building Automation system are obvious:

  • Energy savings obtained through the realization of adjustments designed on the needs of the plant, with the aim of optimizing the function and minimize costs;
  • Savings achieved by simplifying management in the training of operating personnel and the interchangeability of roles
  • Save maintenance thanks to remote monitoring of plant operations, it is possible to decrease the actions of personnel on the plant;
  • Convenience of having a single access all the technical information to check the status of technical systems with the ability to intervene on the adjustments;

C.EL.I. Energy Management Ltd. offers services aimed at achieving energy savings system architecture through the integration of different technologies, such as KNX, SCS, Modbus and BACnet.