C.EL.I. Srl – Commerciale Elettrica Italiana


C.EL.I. Ltd. has, with time, become its present shape like a study associated for technical sales.

C.EL.I. Ltd. was established in 2006 thanks to an experience of thirty years of some people working in it with significant operational and commercial experiences gained in Italy and abroad by performance and varied technical applications for large projects, the economic management of orders, the coordination of human resources also not Italian.

The operational objective of C.EL.I. Ltd. is purely technical and commercial and it summarized in the following specific areas:

  • Electricity production by power grid: transformer cabins;
  • Manufacture of medium-voltage and not only: CAV cabins, electric metal containers (shelters);lombardo 1
  • Indipendent production of electric energy: generator sets, batteries, inverters;
  • Renewable energy sources: equipment and materials for solar, wind and hydroelectric power;
  • Energy management systems: medium-voltage switchboards;
  • Energy distribution systems: low voltage switchboards;
  • Equipment for the management and control systems: power factor correction, ups, instrumentation;
  • Systems for energy transport: port cable ducts (metal, resin, plastic), busways;
  • Metal boards and medium voltage circuit breakers
  • Transformers of medium and low voltage;
  • Lighting to LED technology;
  • Special materials and cables
  • Materials and accessories for electrical installations civil, tertiaries, industrial;
  • Machines and accessories for industrial air treatment;
  • Building Automation;
  • Technology Information;


C.EL.I. Ltd. relies on the cooperation of professionals for years engaged in its catchment area with behind project experiences and management of artifacts of significant value.The commercial ability of C.EL.I. Ltd. comes from experience gained through the responsibility of known companies in the retail sector and electrical distribution turned to the world of construction, industry, shipbuilding.Through the interplay with its collaborators C.EL.I. Ltd can aspire to serve: Military Aeronautics, Public Bodies (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions), Military Arsenals, Port Authorities, Local Health Companies, Shipyards, Barracks, Food Chains, Power Plants, Commissions or Main Contractor, Transport Companies, Enel , Local Authorities or Utilities, Italian Army, Railways, Finmeccanica, Large installations Automate, Sites or Oil Platforms, Construction Companies, Cement Woks or Manufacturing Industries, Initiatives Photovoltaic or Wind Farms, Settlements Real Estate, Banks or Financial, Military Navy, Organizations Service, Hospitals, Production Facilities, Technology Companies, Utilities, Others.Of course C.EL.I. Ltd., where market conditions permit and there are the assumptions, has a business policy that tends to favor the best partners of its market like the electrical installers also with the collaboration of the major enterprises of electrical generalist distribution or specialized.

BUILDLING-AUTOMATIONLast, but not least, it should be emphasized the departments dedicated to building automation and the information technology; departments made possible only recently thanks to the collaboration with technical men with an extraordinary preparation in the software and hardware. As to this point C.EL.I. Ltd. is able to provide and meet needs in the design, installation and service of system and project automation, software management, web sites fixed or interactive.The geographic areas in which C.EL.I. Ltd boasts its knowledge in order are: LA SPEZIA, MASSA, LUCCA, GENOVA, SAVONA, IMPERIA. C.EL.I. Ltd. also has a foreign business having gained experiences in England and Malta. C.EL.I. Ltd is a valid partner for any commercial action in every Mediterranean area.The headquarter of C.EL.I. Ltd. is located in La Spezia in a new production site and in a great location like logistics road; it’s a multipurpose complex with reception, offices, meeting room and outdoor area with a large car park.