Production, Management, Energy

For C.EL.I. Ltd. production and energy management is not only a cornerstone of its business but is also the topic for which in 2006 C.EL.I. Ltd. was born.Now, by choice, C.EL.I. Ltd. is not intended to be an agency general belief that, since the subject already saturated, the same C.EL.I. Srl would not be able to add anything more or anything better to all that the electricity market could already offer.images

From this POINT BASE, as in the famous commercial, C.EL.I. Ltd. has identified the head of ELECTRIC INDUSTRY (precisely the PRODUCTION and energy management) and in its tail (the use of energy itself as LIGHTING) fields where it can intervene and operate.Acquire important collaborations with companies first level has never been easy and it was not even for CEL.I. Srl.Behave ethically professional, often penalizing commercially, allowed to earn the confidence of a number of companies with A CAPITAL.Companies operating on the market for about 50 years and with a traditional family consolidated the lead with the third or fourth generation; in plain PEOPLE COMING FROM AFAR.The past of OUR COMPANY derives from a past of great achievements that have led to a long experience and a mission directed to the market and the quality of service in order to meet YOU and to capitalize on its experiences through appropriate facilities and custom configurations .OUR ENTERPRISES are absolutely, exclusively and proudly MADE IN ITALY, simply for obvious why: the children of FERMI, MARCONI, MEUCCI, TIME can not market anything but MATERIAL ITALIAN.The entire production of OUR COMPANY is made right inside the establishments of the same including any kind of working or machinery needed to complete the product.The above was designed to safeguard one of the strengths that make products with high quality.Over 90% of the working processes of OUR COMPANY is performed within the production of the same; control is constant over the entire production process, including small components.The installation and commissioning with specialized personnel and own means in the final phase are essential to be assured of a quality product always detectable.With regard to the medium voltage part of all products, or artifacts, they are certified and approved according to ENEL DIRECTIVES; in the case of the CAV (cabins concrete vibrato) ISMES (laboratory certification of Bergamo) attests SAFETY, SUITABILITY ‘and STANDARD HIGH QUALITY’.

Even the production of SHELTER (container or metal boxes prefabricated and customized according to the specific needs of the client) is totally designed and built themselves.DELIVERY TIMES respect is a fundamental point OUR ENTERPRISES do not compromise. Behind a TIMELY DELIVERY often they reveal considerable advantages SERVICE IN CLIENT FINAL well as the possibility of a SAL YARD most beneficial by the OUR CLIENT, in the case of an installer.By the way, instead of medium voltage switchgear using exclusively products of leading brands on the market.


energia_3In addition to quality control for the various stages of processing and assembly, the finished product is tested in the testing room with the manner prescribed by international standard IEC and national C.E.I .They are available to the CUSTOMER all certifications obtained at CESI (Italian Experimental Electrotechnical Centre).It remains to point out the equipment side, but not minor, the field of MEDIUM VOLTAGE.BATTERY POWER and BATTERY CHARGER, METALICHE or PLASTIC PIPES, GROUPS GENERATORS or COGENERATORS, interuttori CELLS or for MEDIA POWER, INVERTER, ELECTRIC LOW VOLTAGE (automation, distribution, motor control center drawer fixed or removable), power factor correction INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS IN busways, in TRANSFORMERS OIL or RESIN, UPS GROUP of CONTINUITY ‘.For all OUR ENTERPRISES professionalism and quality in the sale are essential elements of a sound trade policy. The structures of the ENTERPRISES, their production processes with a high technological level, and above all the experience can satisfy any request in Italy and abroad.