Projects, Analysis, Sales Networks


What is a TERRITORY !? What is a MAPPING !? What is a catchment area !? What is a SALES !? What a GOAL !? What is a TEAM !?
WHAT YOU SHOULD because a team, pursuing a goal, organize a sales network in a catchment area, namely, face mapping commercial land !?
Above only some questions, the main, that you must ask yourself BEFORE any commercial initiative.
ENTREPRENEUR often falls in love with an IDEA, often the same is in itself good.
Passed the first hurdle, remain on the field some BEAMS SUPPORTING the same problem.
The first: in the operating environment of the entrepreneur and his COMPANY what is the FEASIBILITY ‘operation?
The second: feasibility has, said CHICKS DO NOT EGGS, what is really the fastest way to overcome the initial hurdles and get to the real possibility of realization.
The third: what methods must be used to prepare an area, or a catchment area, for an ACTION COMMERCIAL promotional type.
The fourth: what, where and what kind of ORGANIZATION is necessary to create a working team able to carry out the issue.
The fifth: which way trying PERSONAL expert or novice to create a sales network for a fixed period focused on achieving the goal.
The sixth: FORM as team members individually motivating them causing them to share problems and solutions along the road taken.
Imagine a land where the entrepreneur wants to build a GARDEN.
The Contractor has its BELIEFS …. I would like a plan here …. a flower the …. I would do this …. to do that.
As mentioned OFTEN the idea is good and the goal gratifying; as I mentioned OFTEN the road needs tweaking: OFTEN not few and not insignificant.

  • Listening to and analysis of the design concept Company;
  • Feasibility study project Company;
  • Design business executive;
  • Relations of all work performed and interrelated;
  • Review and launch of the project Company;
  • Mapping of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetence;
  • Classification of the catchment area concerned;
  • Information for the detection of internal staff to be conveyed on the project;
  • Information for the search for external personnel to be employed on the project;
  • Training of staff involved in the project;
  • Assign roles, tasks, micro areas to individual team members;
  • Actual work of every single run;
  • Reporting of the overall work performed;
  • Analysis of the work in progress project;
  • Analysis of the final result obtained;
  • Analysis of deviation between objective and end result;
  • Delivery commercial project;
  • Support pro tempore on commercial project;

C.EL.I. Srl does not interpret the term as usually happens, that is, satisfy the CUSTOMER in its exposure.
For C.EL.I. Ltd. the real CUSTOMER is the project and the real problem is to achieve the objective.
C.EL.I. Ltd. has a corporate philosophy since PROBLEM SOLVING PROJECT, do not fall within its programs abusing the time or the money of the Client.
CEL.I. Ltd. is known and requested as a SALES MANAGEMENT pro tempore and part time dedicated to a specific commercial project that, once solved, will not and should not have more need CELI. Srl.
In practice, much the funny, SOLVED THE PROBLEM …. over the C.EL.I. Srl.