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When designing an Electrical System it is useful to think of the work to be performed as already finished, so it is necessary to provide for every detail that only a concrete experience can help.In Industrial Systems is impossible to risk and leave even the slightest factor to carelessness, the imagination or good fortune.Through the expertise of the technical departments of its represented C.EL.I. Ltd. is able to provide a real and concrete support to its customers.rappresentanza 3

Never C.EL.I. Ltd. intends to offer itself as an alternative or substitute for professionals such as Electrical Engineers or Termotecnici, Industrial Technicians, Energy Managers, Architects, Surveyors, Light Designer, other roles or professions of competence.C.EL.I. Ltd. aspires only to be a competent point of reference for a concrete cooperation aimed at solving the problem that the customer is facing.Thanks to their skills and through collaborations that became possible in 10 years of activity, C.EL.I. Srl considers to be able to carry out their role above.C.EL.I. Ltd. will seek the cooperation of professionals for years engaged in its catchment area with behind project experiences and management of artifacts of significant value; in particular we are in contact with the most qualified technical studies of the area of ​​our expertise.The qualification of our stakeholders is to work an average of over twenty years in the field Plant Engineering Civil, Industrial, Naval; skills that we can ensure also concern the Heat over the Fire Prevention and Safety.Lighting Engineering Department’s what is giving us the most beautiful satisfactions, where the adjective “beautiful” is to be understood 360 ° considering the quality and aesthetics of the projects that we protagonists.Last, but not least, it should be emphasized the department dedicated to the Building Automation and Information Technology; a department made possible only recently thanks to the collaboration with an exceptional technical preparation in Software and Hardware. As to this point C.EL.I. Ltd. is able to provide and meet needs in the design, installation and service of systems and automation projects, management software, fixed or interactive websites.

In addition to expert advice in the field of plant C.EL.I. Ltd. can provide qualitatively high-profile permits technical studies of normal questioning: design, project management, accounting contract or construction site, coordination of site safety, expert advice in the field of plant.

Our partners include among their customers leading companies and public or private bodies with particular reference to the most strategic sectors of Defence.C.EL.I. Ltd. was established in 2006 with an experience of thirty people working in it operational, from shipbuilding and commercial gained significant experience in Italy and abroad in the performance of varied technical applications for large projects, the economic management of orders, coordination of human resources also not Italian.The ability of commercial C.EL.I. Ltd. comes from experience gained through the commercial responsibility of known companies in the retail sector and electrical engineer turned to the world of construction, industry, shipbuilding.


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Through the interplay with their employees C.EL.I. Ltd can aspire to serve: Military Aeronautics, the government (municipalities, provinces, regions), Military Arsenals, Port Authorities, Local Health, shipyards, Fire, Food Chains, Power Plants, Committenze or Main Contractor, Transport Companies, Enel , local authorities or Municipalizzati, Italian Army, Railways, Finmeccanica, Large Installations Automate, Plant or Oil Platforms, Construction Companies, Cementifere or Manufacturing Industries, Initiatives Photovoltaic or Wind farms, settlements Real Estate, Banks or Financial, Navy, Organizations service, hospitals, Production Facilities, Technology Companies, Utilities, another.

Of course C.EL.I. Ltd., where market conditions permit and there are assumptions, has a business policy that tends to favor the best partners market such as installers with the collaboration of the largest companies for the Electricity Distribution Generalist or Specialist.

Areas where C.EL.I. Ltd. can better express its territorial knowledge in order are: SPICE, MASS, LUCCA, Genoa, Savona, Imperia. C.EL.I. Ltd. also has foreign business having gained experience in BRAZIL, CROATIA, DUBAI, JAPAN, ENGLAND, IRAN, IRAQ, MALTA, SPAIN, SOUTH AFRICA. In view of the experience gained abroad C.EL.I. Ltd. is acting as a business partner or management in MACRO AREA EURO MEDITERRANEAN.