ALBUM Srl – When she was born 20 years ago, ALBUM has focused on a specific philosophy: to bring the light where it is needed because the user can place it in an environment according to his taste, his desires, his personal needs. ALBUM is the meeting between creation, rationality and technology, together aimed at enabling significant energy savings. The proposal of ALBUM, while being extremely innovative, respects the tradition of the best Italian design and is dedicated to designers around the world (architects, interior designers, lighting designers, outdoor designer) and to their creativity.



ALDO BERNARDI Srl – Thirty years of passion and research have led Aldo Bernardi to create its own style, particular and “reassuring”, that is easily recognised in the made in Italy indoor and outdoor lamps and its accessories, combining tradition and innovation. The firm distinguishes itself for a production where the characteristic craftsmanship of the product, entirely hand-finished and hand-decorated, reflects a manufacturing process typical of the area, the Asolo hills in Italy.

cobb fibre ottiche

COBB takes care of fiber optic lighting and lighting LED in all their scope, both in design and production, as it uses a team with decades of experience. The categories in which it is possible to divide the LED lighting: LED marker, LED Profiles, LED spotlights and LED strips (SMD). As regards the categories they are optical fibers: museum lighting, showcases, special effects, advertising signs, signpost and road safety courses. You can view all our products in different sections of LED and fiber optics, or you can download the necessary documents in the appropriate section.


We believe that a nice design is a clean and simple design. You are a designer, an interior architect ? Looking for a dedicated support with FILAMENT STYLE products ? We provide full support for your projects, feel free to contact us to discuss.

la murrina

Since the sixties we know of a small glass factory, owned by a group of glass masters, called  Murrina Furnace. In the beginning, the main  activity consists  of  realizing  few prestigious blown glass objects created by the artists,   and this continues until 1974. It’s exactly in 1974 that the small furnace is bought by a family coming from Milan,  already dealing with the production of light fittings combining glass and metal.


We care about the light, that allows you to see in the dark, discloses the forms of the environments, accompanies the hours of the day in equilibrium among clear and dark, among lights and shades. We take care of your light. We draw the light that serves: intense, when you work, when you want to underline, to emphasize; delicate, when you relax, when you live in your own space.




ELETTROMECCANICA ZAMBERLAN SpA –The Headquarters is located in the industrial area of ​​Valdagno, the province of Vicenza, where occupies an area of ​​10,000 square meters. of which 4000 square meters covered, with a staff of 50 employees, a turnover of approximately EUR 7 million. The historical origin is electrical and the experience goes beyond the 40 years. Just considering the origins, ZAMBERLAN has always paid much attention to a comprehensive approach to the needs of the customer; for this reason it provides its technical structure for the best product for your specific needs and the best configuration of the plant



ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE GRITTI di Gritti L. & C. Snc – For over 50 years we offer to the customer quality and professionalism in the sale and repair of transformers, motors, pumps and fans. The structure of the company, the new high-tech machines and above all the experience can satisfy any request in Italy and abroad, thanks also to a comprehensive stock of prompt delivery. Developed on an area of ​​4,000 square meters, GRITTI has four halls dedicated to the production, repair and servicing of cast resin transformers, oil or air and to processing of pumps and electric motors included the retail or wholesale, with technical offices and sale direct.


Senza nome

FERRARI GIUSEPPE SpA – Since 1979 our company produces and installs electrical substations and decompression gas prefabricated reinforced concrete and vibrato, full of equipment. Our present results come from a past of cement (construction company, building centrifugal piles, electrical substations). Extensive experience, gained in 80 years of business, which allowed us to develop our reference market and the quality of our service, with the aim of satisfying customers and enhancing their needs through appropriate configurations and facilities or custom.