Light Solutions

C.EL.I. Ltd. has incorporated inside itself some highly specialized human resources in the field of lighting for every type of working sector: industrial, public, tertiary or residential.The primary objective is to provide a lighting design service specialized to improve the space, time and way of life wherever each of us is: work environment, private home, church or place of worship, highway tunnel, garden, sports facility , a historic monument, public park, swimming pool, restaurant, high street traffic, single office or open space, Others.It’s known that our feeling good is absolutely influenced by lombardo 4environmental conditions in which we live or we operate.The artificial light has now reached levels of technology such that rank among the primary elements that determine our standard of living.For C.EL.I. Ltd the light is the supporting beam of our welfare. Instead the malaise is a waste of time, then, a luxury that, stealing energy, we can not afford. Are other elements in which we have to invest: beauty, courage, imagination, grace, taste, intelligence, talent, tenacity, desire.For C.EL.I. Ltd. to help its clients achieve these standards of life is not just a job objective, but a wonderful result in people’s minds.Every time, when the switches are closed and the lights come on the most gratifying result is the expression of our amazed customer, whose satisfaction is the real reward for all the hours spent at the computer to find the right solution.For C.EL.I. Ltd. each project in any environment is a challenge; the art of lighting design involves innovation and creativity since each project is unique.The mission of C.EL.I. Ltd. is the search for effective and innovative solutions, the balanced budget of the customer, with particular attention to materials and energy-efficient equipment.When you deal with a lighting design it is a little ‘how to start a puzzle with all the pieces put in a his disorderly box. All pieces are useful but each has only one place that is fine.Environment, Architecture, Harmony, Budget, Consent, Economics, Aesthetics, Balance, Functionality, Image, Innovation, Originality, Practicality, Rationality, Space, …. putting together the pieces of the puzzle that our customer wants is our main task.C.EL.I. Ltd. continually works in collaboration with important Italian partners and not to offer quality products in line with the latest lighting technologies evolving.A continuous upgrading passing from participation in lighting events of high level or from refresher courses and knowledge thanks at the companies that have honored us with their confidence.


swimming-pool bei sonnenuntergangC.EL.I. Ltd. is open to any kind of cooperation or partnership even if not Italian; thanks to its strong foreign experiences C.EL.I. Ltd. doesn’t preclude any kind of teamwork.A professional advice and the offer of a wide range of products among the most innovative on the market are other distinctive features of C.EL.I. Srl.Home automation systems and lighting control units are other specialized niches that characterize the commercial possibilities of C.EL.I. Srl.The goal of our lighting designs is to highlight and improve the architectural details of the existing structures, ie, even those created by architects or interior design.The pleasure of choosing between different solutions that always reflect the elegance and the quality of materials is what makes light a unique thing.Light, Vitality, Energy, Soul: light is a direct language, C.EL.I. Ltd. interprets forms and functions in various ways without ever forgetting the final result.For us every place to be illuminated, whether internal or external, is like a stage in a theater that without light can be the coldest place in the world.Exactly, to close, from the theater … To be or not to be …. LIGHT OR not LIGHT …. that is the question.

C.EL.I. Ltd. is at your disposal for any need.